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What is HQ4DCS?

Think of it as a massively improved version of DCS World's own fast mission generator. HQ4DCS allows you to create complete scenarios in just a few clicks. Missions generated with HQ4DCS tend to be rather "player-centric". Their purpose is not to simulate a real war theater, like Falcon 4's dynamic campaign, but to provide the player(s) with interesting objectives and challenges. This approach is a perfect fit for DCS World's limited number of units and very capable scripting engine.

Download HQ4DCS Open Beta 1
(3 Mb, requires Windows 7 or 10)

While HQ4DCS is and always will be free, this software is the product of countless hours of hard work, and should provide you even more hours of fun. If you like it, please consider making a donation.



25 May 2019

It's been some time without news and an update is long overdue.

First of all, many thanks to all of you who donated to my PayPal or sent me bugfixes and suggestions, it feels good knowing the DCS community is invested in this project.

Progress on the open beta 2 has been going well. Not only are most bugs from open beta 1 now fixed, but I've devised a way to easily implement carrier ops, which should be ready for open beta 3. By the way, future updates should come a LOT faster: most of the work being done now on open beta 2 will ensure a very lean and clean codebase to allow for easy improvement and modifications.

Which brings me to today's subject: the long-awaited .ini file system. No longer is all data hardcoded in the program itself. Everything, from enemy air defense settings to mission types to theaters to coalitions, and much more, is now conveniently stored in .ini files for easy edition and modding.

The ETA for open beta 2 is still early June – in the worst case scenario, it will be available before July.

Thanks again for your support !

15 Apr 2019

The cause of the false positive with some antivirus program has been found: it was triggered by the Lua code embedded in HQ4DCS.exe (while the main program is C#, most of the mission generation code is written in Lua). In order to fix this, I'm currently porting most of the mission generation logic to C#, which takes some time.

Now for the good news: the C# code, unsurprisingly, turns out to be a lot faster (mission generation now literally takes half a second) and will be a lot easier to maintain and improve. It also opens new possibilities for the mission generator: instead of loading data about countries, theaters, payloads and units from Lua tables, the new version now uses .ini files, which allow for very easy customization. You've read that right: not only will the next version of HQ4DCS will be a lot faster, leaner and stable, but users will be able to mod it to add new payloads, units or even mission types.

Of course, porting all the code to C# will require a little more work that writing a quick hotfix for the open beta 1, but I'm convinced this is for the better and will make sure further updates come a lot faster.

The next version, known as open beta 2, should be released mid-May, early June.

01 Apr 2019

I started working on the first hotfix, which should iron out most of the bugs users have found in Open Beta 1. Once the hotfix is released, I'll gradually add additional features, content and mission types. To make bug reports easier, and to help you get a better idea of what is done an what's left to do, a Trello development board has been added on this page. Don't hesitate to send feedback, bug reports and suggestions if you notice something missing.



Development progress

Check the Trello board for more information.
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Did you found a bug not already tracked in the development board? Do you have a suggestion or idea for a nice feature? Send me a mail at cdefaune@gmail.com.


Open Beta 1 (03/19/2019)